Luxembourg Waffle - Sanran Gulsen

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In this podcast series, Laura and Teo are joined by guests who found their place in the Grand Duchy. The Luxembourg Waffle is about all the little (and not so little) things that make the Luxembourg melting pot so very unique.

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Luxembourg Waffle - Ep. 6

Sanran Gulsen on Sports and Cycling Culture

In the midst of Luxembourg’s uncharacteristically hot summer, Teo and Laura found some shade at Kyosk and sat down with cycling enthusiast Sanran Gulsen to chat about sports culture in Luxembourg. The Turkish national joined the Waffle crew to recap his 518km cycle route across the Alps which he did to raise money for charity. He talks about combining his passion for sport and raising awareness for wildlife preservation and ridding the ocean of plastic. Cycling routes in Luxembourg are also on the agenda as is the FatBetty.Run marathon group which brings together locals and foreigners all year long. Tune in to get the full story and some tips on where to hide from the heat during Luxembourg’s hottest months.

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