De Gemengepodcast - Stad Lëtzebuerg

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From Saeul to Luxembourg City and from Schifflange to Kiischpelt, in the Gemengepodcast, the journalists of the Lëtzebuerger Journal take you on a journey across the country's 100 municipalities. For our second season, we're turning our focus to summertime in these communities. We've visited every electoral district in the Grand Duchy and spoken with both local residents and politicians. In the fourth episode, Teodor Georgiev takes you on a tour of Luxembourg City.

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Gemengepodcast - Ep.8 Stad Lëtzebuerg

Schueberfouer, dining out and open-air concerts. In this episode, Teodor Georgiev takes you on a summer trip through Luxembourg City. Between two roller coaster rides, he sits down with Laurent Schwaller, who turned his love for the funfair into a job for the state, and bumps into Marc Ruppert (Fokus) whose grandmother used to own the Kugener restaurant. Down the grund, he has a conversation with François Dickes, owner of Vins Fins, who showcases how key dining out is during summertime, before heading to Den Atelier, where its managing partner, Michel Welter, gives him a dip into Luxembourgish nightlife.

When the summer gives way to the colder part of the year though, life in Luxembourg City continues and the municipality's activities as well. Teo meets with Corinne Cahen (DP) and Claudie Reyland (déi gréng) to chat about intergration, mobility, housing and the council's work in a commune where foreigners comprise 70 per cent of the population.

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