Young, networked, multilingual: content creators in Luxembourg

By Medina ImširovićLex Kleren Switch to German for original article

Although English continues to dominate on social media, content in Luxembourgish is becoming increasingly important. A conversation with two content creators and a sociolinguist about the use of Luxembourgish in a multilingual context.

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It's Friday morning and I'm meeting Julie Costa. The young communication scientist and content creator is in a good mood as she tells me about her recent successes on social media. She started the account "Luxembourgdoesitbest" almost a year and a half ago – today she has almost 22,000 followers on Instagram and over 10,000 on TikTok.

Julie is part of a growing community of content creators in Luxembourg who represent diverse perspectives and voices. The scene is dynamic and ranges from large influencers with followers in the six-figure range to many micro-influencers with a following of up to 10,000. Personalities such as Almin Hrkić from Mood Luxembourg, who offers a mix of lifestyle, fashion and local events, or Anna Seyser, who regularly reports on Fashion Week in Copenhagen, have already made a name for themselves. Romeo San, chef and owner of a restaurant, has built up an impressive following of almost 360,000 followers on Instagram within a year with his creative recipes and culinary insights. The linguistic diversity reflects Luxembourg's multilingual society. Content is often created in Luxembourgish, French, German and English, making it accessible to both the local and international community.

For example, Julie explores the many facets of Luxembourg, presenting cafés, second-hand shops and museums. "Videos about Christmas markets and the Schueberfouer are particularly popular, " she says with a laugh. However, it is important to her that the activities are affordable and suitable for everyday use. One highlight: her video about the longest train journey in Luxembourg from Rodange to Troisvierges went viral beyond the country's borders. Her reels even earned praise from official tourism accounts – they would contribute to Luxembourg's positive image.

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