Wishing for a cool breeze

By Camille FratiEric Engel Switch to French for original article

Still exotic in our countries ten years ago, air conditioning is making its mark due to increasingly hot summers and better environmental and energy performance than in the past.

Twenty or ten years ago, few homes were equipped with air conditioning. The moderate heat of Luxembourg summers made air conditioning a luxury, a fad of the wealthy and/or eccentric. Times have changed and air conditioning has found its way into a growing proportion of homes, even if Luxembourg is still well below the United States, where 90 per cent of the population breathes air-conditioned air at home.

It is difficult to know how many homes are now equipped with air conditioning. The Statec data only allow us to note that in 2019 the country had 310 plumbing, heating and air-conditioning installation companies, a hundred more than in 2005. The "Fédération du Génie Technique", for its part, notes that there are about 50 companies among its members that actually specialise in the installation of air conditioning and heat pumps. "More and more people are asking for air conditioning and heat pumps for their homes", confirms Claude Schreiber, vice-president of the "Fédération du Génie Technique". "Moreover, the installers are a bit annoyed because the suppliers are not able to deliver fast enough."

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