Wet-nosed freedom fighters

By Philippe SchockweilerMisch Pautsch

Russia’s war in Ukraine is followed by an army of online trolls and proud followers of the Kremlin’s imperialistic war that try to divide our society. A few underdogs, one from Luxembourg, have gathered to fight this disinformation head on. Meet the fellas.

Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine has also reactivated the Russian troll and bot farms, an organised effort by the Kremlin to both undermine public opinion but also infest and divide peaceful and democratic societies while spreading anti-Ukrainian and anti-Western propaganda. The internet has been swarmed by pro-Russian accounts openly condoning Russian massacres and spreading now fake claims for instance that Ukraine’s Jewish president is a Nazi, and that the United States are behind the war in Ukraine.

Underdogs that fundraise with memes

While millions of Russian accounts flood the internet with hate and bigotry and call for genocide daily, an unlikely pack has formed, a union of wet-nosed freedom fighters that aim to stand in the way of this Russian propaganda. One could say that they are taking a leak against Putin’s legs and Russia’s war: they are the dog "shitposting" army called NAFO Fellas (North Atlantic Fella Organization). It all started with a meme (a witty/funny image, or video rapidly shared over the internet ed.) by a young Polish Twitter user, who posted Shiba Inu dog heads on famous images from the war in Ukraine, turning Ukrainian soldiers into friendly looking dogs.

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