"We are certainly not obscure"

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After 15 years of membership in the Council of State, President Agny Durdu must give up her seat in the High Corporation. The balance sheet is positive.


In 2006, Agny Durdu, a 57-year-old lawyer specialized in European law, who was mayor of her home municipality of Wincrange for many years and also an MP for the Democratic Party from 1994 to 2004, of which she has also been Secretary General, was appointed to replace Carlo Meintz (DP) as a member of the Council of State, of which she had been Vice-President since June 2015. On April 1 in 2019, she became President of the High Body – the second woman in the history of the institution after Viviane Ecker (LSAP) in 2014.

However, Agny Durdu will not be able to complete her three-year presidential mandate, as she will have to resign from the Council of State in April. Then she’ll have reached the maximum term of 15 years. The 2017 reform of the Council of State had reduced this period to 12 years, a provision that, however, only applies to members who were appointed to the Council after the reform.

The interview, for which Agny Durdu took a lot of time, took place on Tuesday last week in the premises of the High Corporation at the Bock. The outgoing president will be succeeded by LSAP representative Christophe Schiltz from April 7 on. The DP proposed Marc Meyers, director of the Capital Conservatoire, as a new member of the Council of State to the government last Wednesday.

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"We are certainly not obscure"


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