Viva Coronials, or not?

By Laura TomassiniLex Kleren Switch to German for original article

Power blackout in New York, lockdown in Luxembourg — the result: babies. This could have been local media’s headline in January, but the big boom is yet to come. Nevertheless, quite a few babies were born in the maternity wards of the four ‘Maternités’ in Luxembourg. Apparently, there is no pause button for having children, even during the pandemic.

“Really no upward trend? That’s surprising to me, at the moment almost everyone is pregnant or is having a baby”! The astonishment in private and professional circles is huge as the result of the Lëtzebuerger Journal’s survey of Luxembourg’s hospitals is announced: There is no Corona-Baby-Boom. Nine months after the start of the first lockdown, the number of newborns in the country has seen minimal to no increase compared to previous years. Luxembourg’s citizens may have been busier than expected from March to May after all. While there was speculation in many places about an increase in birth rates similar to the one in New York back in 1965, when a blackout caused hours of darkness and stimulated people to make babies, this prognosis has not been confirmed so far for Luxembourg. Or are the so-called ‘Coronials’ yet to come?

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Viva Coronials, or not?


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