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Because the operator of nursing homes wants to settle in Luxembourg, the Orpea scandal has also made waves here. But could a systematically bad treatment of senior citizens go unnoticed in our country? What control mechanisms exist in Luxembourg's nursing homes – and which are still to be created.

In January, the scandal surrounding the Orpea Group hit the headlines. Journalist Victor Castanet had published a book describing how the French group, which operates over 1,000 care and health facilities across Europe, systematically mistreated residents in one of its residences in France. Hygiene and staffing standards were trampled and meals and other services were rationed in order to increase profits. Castanet writes of how elderly people lay in their excrement and were left to fend for themselves without care.

The scandal caused an uproar, especially in Luxembourg, because at the time Orpea had already submitted a request to obtain an authorisation (officially called agrément, ed.) from the Luxembourg state for a care facility in Merl. The operator has also announced a second project in Strassen. The concern that shocking situations like the one in France with the Orpea establishment could also take place here in Luxembourg spread and continues to this day.

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