Terminus: outer border

By Sarah Raparoli Switch to German for original article

Everyone should be entitled to a life in dignity. For the refugees in Bosnia, this remains a distant dream.

Since Hungary closed down, the escape from the Middle East towards Europe also passes through Bosnia. Some make it across the borders, others are beaten up at brutal push-backs, humiliated and have to make the arduous journey back into misery. The camps are overcrowded, tempers are tense, as aid organisations on the ground report. Political will is lacking and an adequate solution seems to remain a pipe dream.

The basic rights of the refugees are not only in danger, they are being trampled on. Fabienne Dimmer from the association Catch a Smile is currently on the ground and is experiencing the events in the shattered Balkan state at first hand. Active in the association since the end of 2015, she has been travelling to Bosnia again and again since 2018 to help where support is needed. In an interview with the Lëtzebuerger Journal, she reports on disastrous conditions in northern Bosnia and the lack of humanity at the political level.

Fabienne Dimmer is on site and reports in detail on the current situation in Bosnia

*in Luxembourgish

Two young men talk about push-backs

Interview by Fabienne Dimmer in January 2021.

Experiences of police violence

Interview by Fabienne Dimmer in January 2021.

Six men warm themselves around the campfire

Interview by Fabienne Dimmer in January 2021.

Furthermore, a lot of work goes into continuously inventory on the ground. How much of what is needed and where? In addition to local purchases, the association relies on the generosity of the people in Luxembourg. So on January 9th, another fundraising event will be organised, this time in and with the support of Dudelange. Winter clothing for men will be collected. Accessories to survive the cold winter nights can also be dropped off in good condition at the drop-off station.