Sustainability in style

By Teodor GeorgievLex Kleren

Slow fashion in Luxembourg is still in its very early stages. Yet more and more customers are interested in sustainability as well as sellers and producers find joy in it – even if sustainable fashion is not profitable for most of them.

In Luxembourg City high fashion brands dominate the spaces most frequented by people and even though in the rest of the country such stores are rare, residents and Luxembourgers alike flaunt garments with highly recognisable logos. The evolution of the fashion industry has made quality available at a lower price and quantity often times at an absurd one. So, it is no surprise that Luxembourg’s shoppers are reaching for the top shelf or grabbing generously from the lower ones. However, a gradual change in mentality has seen attention turn slowly towards sustainable fashion in Luxembourg which appears to be not just in vogue but also a viable alternative.

Keep your friends close and fast fashion closer

One such substitute to fast fashion is the Lët'z Refashion store born out of the government’s Rethink Your Clothes campaign, launched in 2018. It sits on rue Genistre in the centre of the capital, comfortably close to fast fashion stores where shoppers can find new clothes every week. For the humble store which offers upcycled clothing created by local designers and second-hand clothes, the address is no coincidence. "We needed to be here, close to [those] stores", admits Ana Luisa Teixeira, programme coordinator at Caritas which runs the store. The not-for-profit organisation funds its activities primarily through agreements with the state which has helped to ensure a stable presence for Lët'z Refashion. "Either you have a subsidy from the government, or I think it would be very difficult to open a second-hand store", she adds.

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