Retro - It is all about meeting people

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The Lëtzebuerger Journal is already celebrating its second digital birthday. We have found our place in the media landscape, evolved and are ready for 2023. None of this would be possible without the people who tell us their experiences and perspectives. To mark the occasion, each team member looks back on a story that was particularly meaningful to them this year.

As I browse through the photos I have taken over the past year, I am reminded of all these truly unforgettable moments. From sharing an aperitif on Astrid Lulling's veranda at 11am to running into Dino at a rave in the middle of the night. Every one of these meetings is an extraordinary experience allowing me to capture the moment, the people and their stories.

Have a look at the photos to find out what events of 2022 have left the biggest impression on me.

Apetitif on Astrid Lulling's veranda

Henri Grethen

Luc Schiltz

Alain Origer

Demonstration against abortion laws in the USA

Demonstration against war in the Ukraine


Illustration on the topic of forest bathing

Rave, Ground