Ready for operation and relocation

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In case of an emergency, they are the first ones to respond. They take risks to save the lives of others. Solidarity and a sense of community play a significant role in the lives of professional firefighters. The Lëtzebuerger Journal was allowed to see this first-hand. Everyday life in the capital casern, shortly before the big move.

It’s 7.50 am on a Wednesday. Right on time. We are greeted by a man in a dark blue uniform, with a light blue face mask. He seems to be in a good mood. "Welcome to CIS Luxembourg!", says Cédric Gantzer, Head of Division of the CGDIS General Directorate. "We'll get started right away, the first roll call is at 8.00 am. I'm sure the team is already waiting upstairs. As we climb the stairs, he talks about the less than ideal layout of the entire building. A statement that will be made a few more times throughout the day.

Anyone who has driven past the capital's fire brigade knows that the building is now what you would call " new ". "Things will be different in the CNIS (Centre national d'incendie et de secours, ed.)", says Gantzer. The gleam in his eyes reveals that the eagerly awaits the move to Gasperich. The fire station was meant for 60 to 80 people. By now, more than twice as many people work here. Although people are looking forward to the upcoming move to the new fire station, the current premises are carrying a lot of nostalgia for many. And a lot of history. In the future, a small number of CGDIS members will continue to stay in the "Areler Strooss". But as we said, first things first – roll call at 8.00 a.m. sharp with the day shift team.

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Ready for operation and relocation


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