In pursuit of visibility

By Sarah RaparoliLex Kleren Switch to German for original article

A lack of visibility and representation led to the creation of the LGBT+ Association at the University of Luxembourg in late 2019. Due to the pandemic, the association was unable to grow as desired. About safe spaces, outreach and gender-neutral restrooms.

Although diversity and uniqueness made their way to the public sphere more than ever, the reality still shows a different picture. In a world where everyone wants to be unique and live self-determined lives, this turns out to be an extremely difficult endeavor when there is no space for the desired individuality. This is what the LGBT+ Association of the University of Luxembourg wants to change. "From the very beginning, our main concern has been to create a safe space for every person who feels addressed", explains Samuel Braun – Sammy, as he prefers to be called – who has been active at the association since its founding in October 2019. "So that people can be who they want to be without fear of being excluded."

Being able to be how and who you want to be can sound like the most normal thing to many people. For those who don’t fit into the traditional pattern of norms, it often remains a daily challenge, a desire for recognition, acceptance and representation. Together with the other association representatives and members, Sammy wants to help students "who have problems regarding LGBT+ issues and to be a link between the university itself and the community. Our association is meant to give a strong voice to the community at the university."

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In pursuit of visibility


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