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Michelle Schmit is 26 years young and describes herself as a "white European" who wants to make good use of her privileged position. She has set herself the goal of showing a different side of the lives of Palestinian women.

In 2021, the situation between Israel and Gaza, which had been divisive for years, escalated and reached a new climax. What began last spring as restrictions on Ramadan celebrations and the eviction of Palestinian families developed into massive riots in several cities and resulted in an eleven-day battle between Palestinian militants and the Israeli military. Great suffering was inflicted on many people. They were displaced, traumatised, injured or killed. This has been the sad daily life of many living in the Middle East for decades, but is still a big taboo subject in much of the world, as Michelle Schmit comments during our conversation. "There is too little talk about it and too little education about what has already happened and is currently happening."

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