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The first investors in start-ups are often known as business angels. A network that is growing with the arrival of a Belgian group on a Luxembourg market that had previously been dominated by a single player.

The world of start-ups would be nothing without investors. If the grail is to obtain the favours of a venture capitalist, young start-ups first appeal to business angels to raise several thousand euros. The ultimate goal is to go public or to be bought by a bigger company. So that the investors win their stake and much more. In addition to developing their business or their products, start-ups therefore spend a good part of their time organising regular fund-raising events. The trick is to get noticed enough to attract the favour of investors. The Covid crisis has come and gone: no more travelling around the world to pitch, all events and meetings have gone digital. It has become harder to stand out, but the good news is that the money is still there and investors are eager to spend it.

A group of Belgian business angels has launched a branch in Luxembourg to facilitate investment in the Grand-Ducal market via various formulas. A networked system that allows beginner investors to do it together, and finally learn the ropes with a little less risk.

After conquering Belgium, the BeAngels set up shop in the Grand Duchy. Already at the end of 2021, the group had registered about 20 Luxembourg members, mainly investors already interested in the group's activities in Belgium. The neighbouring country had already approached Luxembourg via its events, such as "Seed for Start" (the former Fit4Start): "We had been dealing with Luxembourg structures for years. But with Covid in 2020, we switched to online events, which attracted more Luxembourgers who did not need to travel to Belgium", explains Claire Munck, CEO of BeAngels.

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