Man with many qualities

By Pascal SteinwachsLex Kleren Switch to German for original article

Carlo Schneider is the Travel Renaissance Man who presents himself to his more than 54,000 followers on Instagram almost daily in ever new fashionable outfits, and who seems to be constantly on the move. We meet the Luxembourger in his office – well-dressed, of course.

We know Carlo Schneider from the past – from way back. Back then he was still working as a radio journalist; first for socio-cultural radio, then for RTL. In June 1999, we even shared a car once to go to the EU summit in Cologne. The meeting of the EU heads of state and government, chaired by German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder, was overshadowed by the Kosovo war at the time, so there was a lot for the journalists to report.

Elegant and vain

Of course, there was still time for a stroll through the city, and Schneider was already interested in fashion in those days. We remember that he was looking for a new suit in Cologne's pedestrian precinct that afternoon, but we don't know if he found anything, since we were in the record shops of the cathedral city.

We somehow didn't realise that Carlo Schneider later did something with finances and consulting until a while ago, when we were more or less accidentally surfing the social media, we came across the Instagram page on which Carlo Schneider gives an insight into his life as a fashion-conscious man of the world under the alias Travel Renaissance Man.

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