It's called femicide

By Sarah RaparoliLex Kleren Switch to German for original article

Killed and murdered because they are women. Or let's name it loud and clear: Femicide. About the importance of naming the murder of women for what it is and how incomplete data and statistics can cause even more suffering and harm.

In order to report on femicides, some media houses or journalists often use the terms "relationship incident" or "family tragedy", a mistake that can also be read again and again in Luxembourgish press articles. A mistake because these terms are in no way accurate. "When we talk about relationship drama or family quarrels, it doesn't sound as serious as it is. But it has to sound serious for something to change", says Claire Schadeck of CID | Fraen an Gender. Incorrect designations would lead to femicides not being named and recognised as such. Mia (name changed by the editors) agrees. The 26-year-old is one of the hidden activists who want to make the suffering of many women visible. She belongs to Les Colleuses Anti-Féminicides (found on Instagram under the name Collages Féminicides Lux), a group of women who are on the move exclusively at night for reasons of anonymity.

Although they disappear in the dark – and thus the risk of being caught by the police or harassed by other men is smaller – their collages are visible to everyone: large black letters on a white background, which are attached to construction sites or old walls. You can read statements like "Femizid kennt keng Grenzen“ ("Femicide knows no boundaries") or "1 femme sur 3 victime de violence sexuelle et tu connais pas d'aggresseur?" ("One in three women is a victim of sexual violence and you don't know any perpetrator?").

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