Impatient and uncontrollable

By Melody HansenLex Kleren Switch to German for original article

The politically quiet summer months are a good time to get to know politicians personally. We asked ministers to take us to the municipality where they grew up to show us the places which they connect special memories to. Minister for the Environment Carole Dieschbourg took us to Echternach.

We meet Carole Dieschbourg and her advisor Thomas Schoos on one of the few real summer days of the year. Both are sitting on a bench in a shady spot. The greeting is cordial. They made sure to have a lot of time, as they say. The Minister for the Environment chose Lake Echternach as meeting point because she grew up just 500 meters away from it. That's where her childhood home was located. "We used to walk or bike here all the time." Besides, the lake is a perfect fit for the summer interview, she thinks.

The minister sets off with a determined stride. Are we ready to walk the whole way around the lake? Sure. She stops for the first time at the playground. It consists of several stations spread out along the water. "This is definitely not your average playground", says Carole Dieschbourg proudly. It was built from the regional "Holz vun hei" and other natural materials. The good-humored minister doesn't miss the opportunity to balance on the tree trunks herself.

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Impatient and uncontrollable


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