"I am not Jesus ..."

By Pascal SteinwachsLex Kleren Switch to German for original article

She is used to her own voice by now. She is also used to the photos in the newspaper, but the election posters with her own likeness is something else altogether. This is the opinion of Paulette Lenert, who is standing for election for the first time on 8 October, and then directly as the LSAP's top candidate.

If punctuality is the politeness of kings, as the saying goes, then Paulette Lenert is clearly a queen. Yet she would much rather be Luxembourg's first prime minister.

The current Deputy Prime Minister, who was the most popular politician in the country for a long time and was pushed back into second place in the Politmonitor survey by her party colleague Jean Asselborn for the first time this year, is in any case punctual to the minute. She is accompanied this morning by a bodyguard who also has an umbrella – you never know. The meeting point is the Pfaffenthal panorama lift. Unfortunately, the weather on this day is not quite so panorama-friendly, so the umbrella was probably a very good idea.

We have only walked a few metres when it starts to drizzle, so we have to radically shorten our walk. Instead of a comprehensive tour through Pfaffenthal, we now only go from lift to lift: from the Panorama Lift to the lift on the Kirchberg. Incidentally, the minister has never taken the "funiculaire" (cable railway system), so our little excursion was worthwhile at least in this respect, despite the rain.

"Säi Stil mécht den Ënnerscheed"

At the top, we take the tram to Hamilius, and since it is raining harder and harder by now, we end our tour and sit down for an interview in the (café) Interview. We don't have any questions prepared. What we do have is a kind of cheat sheet with some keywords, but unfortunately we can't read them with our going-out glasses. We don't have any questions about the priorities of the LSAP anyway. I'm sure the top candidates elsewhere talk about them all day long. If you want to know more about this, you can read the election programme.

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