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This is who we are. We'll show why we care about journalism. Here, all team members have summarised what is important to them in their work, how they approach topics and what they like to cover the most.

Lynn Warken, Managing director

"In my role as the Managing director of Lëtzebuerger Journal, it is a special concern of mine to ensure not only the economic stability of our company but also to foster an inspiring corporate culture. Journalism is far more than just a profession – it is a calling that demands tireless dedication and commitment. Our team is the engine that drives our stories and news forward. Their work significantly influences how our readers perceive and understand the world. To meet this responsibility, I devote myself wholeheartedly to creating a work environment that encourages creativity, innovation, and personal growth."

Melody Hansen, Editor-in-chief

"As a journalist, I believe that diversity of perspectives and voices in our society is crucial for creating a better understanding and sense of belonging. It is important to me to present as many perspectives as possible in our articles and to explore possible solutions to the challenges of our time. When my role as editor-in-chief allows, I enjoy writing about the topics of health and social policy."

Pascal Steinwachs, Journalist

"I think, therefore I am. Apparently some famous philosopher once said that. And no, dear reader, before you get it tattooed somewhere, it doesn't mean carpe diem, but cogito ergo sum. For us, that means, slightly modified: We think, therefore we write – and if there is money to be made from it, so much the better. By the way, in our job as journalists we mainly deal with politics: it's the most important and the most fun."

Audrey Somnard, Journalist

"Journalism allows you to broaden your horizons, learn new things and meet people you wouldn't necessarily meet in everyday life. This curiosity and eagerness to learn are passed on in the articles. It's about coming up with new angles and original experiences, taking a step back from a social phenomenon and asking questions with the help of experts to get beyond the emotional. That's what drives me, particularly when it comes to making economic or social issues more approachable."

Christian Block, Deputy editor-in-chief

"My goal is to make the world around us understandable, to clarify the complexity of things and not to shy away from complex interrelationships. I see these principles as fundamental to journalism. I also like to focus on topics that have received little or no attention in Luxembourg so far. With over ten years of experience in the profession, I deal with many political and social issues, especially in the fields of education, environment and agriculture."

Maxime Toussaint, Team lead podcast

"One day, someone told me that if you can figure out how a piece of content was made, it wasn’t high-quality. So yes, as you can imagine for a content creator specialised in podcasts, I spend hours behind my screen, fine-tuning my productions. I do get out too though – and when I do, my drive is not only to constantly chase fresh creative ideas and new perspectives, but to ensure that the people I interact with feel at ease sharing theirs. ‘Cause it’s not the content that’s king, it’s the story."

Laura Tomassini, Journalist

"Stories that touch me are certainly also exciting for others – that's more or less my motto when it comes to choosing a topic. I don't write 'fast news' but deal with everyday facts that need to be presented in such a way that they reveal their versatility and stir emotions as well as aha-effects. My way of reporting offers a lot of material to read, but also to ponder and empathise with, because for me, journalism should reach everyone and be more than just news."

Misch Pautsch, Journalist and photojournalist

"The world is often opaque, clouded by misinformation and half-truths. As a journalist and photographer focusing on social justice and the environment, I am committed to lifting that veil. Through in-depth research and honest conversations, I aim to shed light on the stories that truly affect us all. Journalism is more than just chasing headlines; it's about understanding the nuances that shape our world. Join me in this pursuit."

Camille Frati, Journalist

"For me, being a journalist means both looking at the world with curiosity and an eagerness to discover, and passing on, analysing and explaining what's going on to readers. This is all the more necessary at a time when people feel that they are sufficiently informed on social networks, whose algorithms lock them into bubbles that prevent any debate on opinions. Researching the origins of today's events and trends and comparing points of view are essential if we are to live together better. I also enjoy making subjects that seem too complex for the average person, such as law and justice and economics, more accessible."

Lex Kleren, Photojournalist and editor

"My love for photography ignited over two decades ago. What fuels my creativity is the thrill of being on the road, connecting with people, and authentically portraying their stories through my lens, turning everyday moments into captivating narratives. I love mixing creativity with storytelling and believe that good journalism is about making truth relatable and engaging."

Buddy, Feelgood manager

"As the Feelgood manager of the Journal editorial team, the mental health of my human colleagues is near and dear to my heart—not just when they're rewarding me with treats. That's not always easy, especially when they spend all day trying to maintain their optimism despite the chaos in your sometimes oh-so-complicated human world. But then give them puppy-dog eyes, wag my tail, and remind them that a walk in the fresh air can offer a new perspective – no ulterior motives. Oh, and I was recently promoted! When I'm not managing well-being, I'm now on TikTok! Follow me!"

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