Of the game that was never marketed and those that were

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An evil candle maker, a curse that turns you into wax, magic that has been lost – in Candles, Sven Ulmerich pulls out all the tricks of game-making and combines self-designed cards, a movable playing field and magical creatures. Why he still doesn't want to market his game and how to do just that is what Sven and another game lover tell us.

"If I had to explain to someone in three words what my game is, I would say: if Dungeons&Dragons is level 100, this is level two in terms of complexity." For five years, Sven Ulmerich has been more or less actively working on the development of his own tabletop game. Candles is a strategy game that is currently in version 5a – 5 for five major changes, a for the more minor ones. "That's where my former maths section comes in, " Sven says of the titling.

The professional camera assistant has been playing card games for 25 years. That he would eventually develop one himself was somehow always clear to him: "I've wanted to create a game for a long time, but just never had the necessary stamina until now." As an only child, he used to create rules from an early age on and found ways to play familiar games on his own – a kind of occupational therapy, as Sven calls it. He always preferred to invite people to game nights and organise Yu-Gi-Oh! tournaments instead of participating himself. During Corona, this urge intensified.

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