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By Pascal SteinwachsLex Kleren Switch to German for original article

After its election defeat in 2017, the Escher LSAP wants to take back responsibility. This is to be achieved with an almost completely renewed team. Liz Braz and Laura Valli are part of this team. They took us on a long walk from the town square in Esch to Belval.

A reminder: In our new series in the run-up to the municipal elections on June 11, we take two candidates running in the municipal elections on a walk through their municipality and ask them what they are concerned about regarding their community. If they are in the opposition, we ask them to give concrete examples of what their party would do better if they won the election. Or, if they are representatives of the majority, you ask them what is going well, but could perhaps be done better.

These don't necessarily have to be, no, they shouldn't even be, the best-known names, because everyone wants to talk to them at the moment anyway. In the second part of our series, we spend an afternoon with Liz Braz and Laura Valli in Esch/Alzette, the country's second-largest city.

Liz Braz, who at 26 is the youngest on the LSAP Esch list, undoubtedly has the most prominent name among the 19 candidates of the Escher Socialists. However, so far this name has not been associated with the LSAP, but with the Greens, as Liz Braz, who studied law in Brussels, is the daughter of the former Green deputy prime minister and justice minister Félix Braz, who was previously also a lay judge in Esch.

For her part, Laura Valli, ten years older, is vice-president of the Escher LSAP. After working for several years in the Permanent Representation of Luxembourg to the EU in Brussels, among other positions, she now works as coordinator of the office of Health Minister Paulette Lenert, the LSAP's national frontrunner.

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