Conference: Language diversity in the media

By Audrey SomnardMisch PautschMaxime Toussaint

To mark the 75th anniversary of the Lëtzebuerger Journal, we have organised two round tables on themes that are close to our hearts: linguistic diversity and inclusion in the media. Listen here to discover how these themes are shaping the landscape of the Luxembourg press – and how we're doing our bit to tackle them together.

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75 Joer Journal: "Language Diversity in Luxembourg: Exploring the Media's Role in Representation and Integration"

Historically in German and Luxembourgish, the country's media have been able to adapt to demographic changes. French became the language of choice in the early 2000s, followed by English, with an increasing number of media aimed at native speakers and immigrants with English as a second language. Should the media address everyone in their language of origin or in a common language? What is the best way to integrate, and what role do the local media play in this?

We explored these issues in a fascinating discussion with Cordula Schnuer, recently appointed editor-in-chief of the Luxembourg Times, which caters for the country's English-speaking community. And Lisa McLean, director of Radio Ara, which provides news in English as well as programmes for the country's different communities. Sérgio Ferreira, Political Director of ASTI and a former journalist, gave us some ideas on how to improve integration in Luxembourg, and finally Stéphanie Lukasik, a researcher at the University of Luxembourg, gave us the Media Monitor figures to help us better understand the strengths and weaknesses of the Luxembourg media landscape.

Enjoy your listening!

*in English