Career changers - between heaven and hell

By Sarah RaparoliLex Kleren Switch to German for original article

To counteract the shortage of teachers in primary schools, a new solution was needed. Thus, the system of lateral entrants was established. But has this approach proven itself so far? Not everyone has had a good experience. People from the field report.

For some it has always been the absolute dream job, for others it is only later – either in the middle of a degree course or after a ten-year career in a completely different professional field – that it becomes clear that the job of teacher could be the right one. For three years now, it has been possible to do just that without going back to university. In June 2018, the Chamber passed a law that allowed Bachelor's graduates to enter the teaching profession in primary school. Additional staff will be recruited in this way until at least 2023.

Prerequisites are, among other things, that the Bachelor's degree already completed corresponds to a school-related subject and that an advanced training of 246 hours is completed at the Institut de formation de l'éducation nationale (IFEN). This is to provide pedagogical and didactic competences and knowledge. As the Ministry of Education's website states: "Upon successful completion of the teacher training certificate examinations, they may take the C2–4 option of the recruitment examination and gain access to the position of teacher under the same conditions as an applicant with a bachelor's degree in education."So the studies required up to that point could be made up very quickly from now on.

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Career changers - between heaven and hell


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