Campaigning in the new home

By Bill WirtzLex Kleren

France is en route to a presidential election next year, and for the French political parties, campaigning does not end at the borders. We talked to the representatives of the different groups in Luxembourg, to get their take on 2022.

To some people, leaving a country means closing a chapter. While you can leave behind friends and family, your previous profession, and the lifestyle you had in your city or countryside, your citizenship is one thing you take with you. With that citizenship comes the right to vote, even while living abroad. The number of French residents in Luxembourg is currently closing in on 50,000, making up about 7.5% of the total population. At the 2017 presidential election, Emmanuel Macron drove in a whopping 41.5% of the French vote in Luxembourg, in front of François Fillon (31.4%), Jean-Luc Mélenchon (9.6%) and Marine Le Pen (6.1%). In the second round, French citizens in Luxembourg supported Macron with almost 90% of the vote.

In May 2021, France also held the so-called “consular elections”, in which only French citizens living abroad can participate.

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Campaigning in the new home


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