Building a creative revolution

By Gabrielle AntarLex Kleren

Lebanon’s political and economic situation has known one of the biggest downfalls the world has ever known. Activists, creatives and organisations come to help the local cultural sector. In conversation with these actors, we look into how creativity and activism’s interconnectedness can imagine a better future for Lebanon.

Luxembourg and Lebanon are both small countries surrounded by powerful neighbouring nations and if looked at in more detail might have more commonalities than we would first think. Both countries are small nations in the centre of a very busy region with different neighbouring countries trying to assert their supremacy. They both applied bank secrecy laws that allowed them to be a financial safe haven for their region. Lebanon was even called at some point the “Switzerland of the Middle East”. However, Lebanon being in one of the worst financial situations globally, and Luxembourg being, one of the richest countries worldwide, we have to understand that the privileges deriving from one or the other cannot even come close to being compared nowadays.

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