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Faster, simpler, shorter-lived? Despite the digital trend, the slow parallel world is growing: vinyl records are being sold faster than they can be made. The prices of colour films are exploding - if any can still be found at all. "Analogue" is booming. Why were the reports of their deaths greatly exaggerated?

"I couldn't sell you a roll of colour film at the moment. I do still have some black and white stock, but the rest is selling so fast." Franck Gigot, manager of Photo Mirgain, opens a drawer just below the cash register, fanning through several packs of Polaroid film, which the shop now carries again after the company was supposed to close its last factory in 2008 but was revived by some dedicated fans and former employees. Today, Polaroid and classic film photography are back in demand like the haven’t been for decades.

"The younger generation has rediscovered analogue photography", Gigot explains. Some veterans have never given up classic film, but the demand today is fuelled by people "who are for the most part so young that they can't really have any nostalgia for analogue photography".

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