Alexandra Kerckhof or the pop version of childcare

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Six years after winning the CYEL competition in Luxembourg, the young entrepreneur is continuing on her successful international path.

She was the sensation of the CYEL (Creative Young Entrepreneur Luxembourg) competition in 2015. And also the first woman to have won this competition awarded by the Junior Chamber International of the Grand Duchy since 2007, which rewards "the most creative entrepreneur" each year. Dominated by candidates with a more technological profile and often creators of clever applications, the competition that year distinguished Alexandra Kerckhof, 35, publisher of the "Quoi de 9?" guides dedicated to future and young parents.

Her activity is far removed from her initial professional universe. "I arrived in Luxembourg in 2003, just after finishing my studies in marketing", Kerckhof says. "I worked for several years in the banking world – life insurance and private banking – like many others." Until she was bedridden for many months during her second pregnancy. "I felt like keeping my mind busy and started writing a first 'Quoi de 9?' guide. At the time, there was no guide for pregnant women in Luxembourg. When you look on the internet even now, you often come across French or Belgian sites. It's very good if you have questions about pregnancy, what's happening in your body, etc. But the medical follow-up is different in each country. For example, a visit to the dentist during pregnancy is compulsory in Luxembourg. Benefits are also country-specific. I really wanted to publish a compendium of everything you need to know when you become or are a parent in Luxembourg." Over the years, the guide has expanded to cover the first few years of a child's life – with information on crèches, service vouchers, etc.

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Alexandra Kerckhof or the pop version of childcare


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