Wild wild Wildgen

By Camille Frati Switch to French for original article

Two partners, including managing partner François Brouxel, were ousted from the board of directors amidst deep disagreements with the ten other partners. A rare move in the hushed environment of business lawyers.

Word has spread like wildfire in the microcosm of business law firms, which are well versed in negotiating and mediating behind closed doors. Two long-time partners of Wildgen, known as a solid medium-sized firm in the Financial Center, were ousted from the board of directors before obtaining their automatic reinstatement by an order of the president of the district court of Luxembourg.

These are not the kind of twists and turns that the small world of law is used to. "Sometimes partners go their separate ways and split up, but there are other options for settling disputes between lawyers, such as arbitration or mediation", comments a perplexed member of the Bar Council. "The Bar Council also offers an internal mediator to explore solutions."

Law firms are made and unmade with relative ease, as long as they have retained the traditional status of de facto association, which allows each partner to leave everything behind the day the urge takes him or her. Divorces are generally the result of differences in the strategic vision of the firm, as was the case in the summer of 2020 when the senior partners of Moyse Bleser split up, the first being François Moyse who set up a firm in his own name while the second, Gabriel Bleser, took a large number of lawyers and associates to join a larger firm, namely Bonn & Schmitt.

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Wild wild Wildgen


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