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The European elections are just around the corner. A good opportunity to talk to the candidates of the participating parties. This time it's the turn of the CSV, which wants to win back its third seat.

If it's not a coincidence: on the very day that we were actually planning to finally get to work on our article about the CSV's European candidates (which we didn't manage to do, of course), Metty Steinmetz, one of the two candidates we interviewed as part of our series on the European elections, bumps into us at a concert in the Philharmonie. Not as a spectator, however, but as a singer in the Choeur de Chambre de Luxembourg, just as he was about to leave the stage.

He had casually told us that he made music, but of course we hadn't expected to see him again a few days later in a black suit and bow tie as a chorister at a concert by the world-famous Kronos Quartet in the Philharmonie. On this occasion, Steinmetz even remembered a question we had asked him during our interview, the answer to which had since occurred to him, although we had long since forgotten the question and the answer had since been forgotten again.

For the 30-year-old from Rosport-Mompach, who had never been heard of outside his party until his election as the new president of the Chrëschlech Sozial Jugend (CSJ) at the beginning of March, these are his first elections ever. However, if you look at who has held the post of CSJ president in the past, it seems to be a pretty safe springboard for a future political career.

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