A wave of liberation

By Jang KapgenLex Kleren

Luxembourg’s art scene has seen an emergence of unapologetically queer talent over the past years, bringing new perspectives to all disciplines – ranging from conceptual photography to performance and music. Lëtzebuerger Journal talked to queer artists and the organisers of Luxembourg Queer Arts Festival to dive into this emerging label-free creative scene.

With the beginning of the Luxembourg Pride Week on July 1, the queer community and its allies actively celebrate queer culture and call for the end of LGBTI+ discrimination. Through panel discussions, a street march and the newly founded Queer Arts Festival, the voices and struggles of the local queer community are aimed to be amplified and acknowledged. While this is a necessary task, as social and legal discrimination are still part of too many LGBTI+ individual’s everyday lives, queer artists are already showcasing queer perspectives all year round. Edsun, a Luxembourgish singer and songwriter, is one of the voices breaking the stigma around queer sexuality and gender expectations.

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