Setting an example when laws are not enough

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Maxime Miltgen was not afraid to say what is going on during the interview with the Lëtzebuerger Journal. She makes clear demands, says which problems need to be solved immediately and explains that her decision to enter politics was not really planned.

27 years young, B.A. in Law, master’s degree in Political Sociology planned, member of the LSAP, president of the ‘Femmes socialistes’, active in the platform JIF (’Journée Internationale des Femmes’), employed part-time at the Ministry of the Interior and the remaining time a student. Maxime Miltgen is a dedicated woman who wants to make a difference and is not afraid to express her demands clearly.

Lëtzebuerger Journal: In 2018 you decided to take the path into politics – how did that happen?

Maxime Miltgen: It wasn’t planned at all. Actually, I wanted to become a lawyer, I’ve always had “eng grouss Schnëss”. But I realised that I wanted to move things and that I could use my demeanour for something good.

How did it go so far? Are you satisfied?

I never had any ambitions. I did my part where I could. Most importantly, I want to stay true to myself, no matter what. 

Why the LSAP? What do the socialists do better than other parties?

That was never a question for me. I have always been a socialist. Justice and solidarity are still issues that my heart beats for today. Some expected me to become a judge because I developed a great sense of justice at an early age. I am very happy about my decision to join the LSAP. It is a party where everyone can openly express their opinion.

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Setting an example when laws are not enough


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