Safety at all times

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Security training, cybersecurity, economic intelligence, consulting, Fabrice brings his expertise and his network to reassure companies and people at risk. Between the assured discretion of his profession and a desire to make himself better known, the entrepreneur must juggle the culture of secrecy with the management of his company.

It is in a deserted shooting center on the French border that Fabrice has given us an appointment. He is waiting for us with two of his rather large employees. You won't see their faces. Not that they are hiding, but the small team prefers to remain discreet. Patrick has worked for 15 years in close protection, VIPs like Johnny Hallyday or the family of a Middle-East leader, he imposes and we are almost surprised when he says that he had to take out his gun only once in this kind of mission: "I ensured the protection of this political leader’s family especially during their summer vacations. I drew my weapon only once to calm the situation during an intrusion in the house, while waiting for the arrival of the help, that was enough", says the latter. Nicolas, on the other hand, is a former gendarme who spent more than ten years as a firefighter and volunteer ambulance driver. His thing is the medical side of things: making a tourniquet just after an attack or in a dangerous situation, child's play or almost. He is involved in medical training, especially in high-risk situations.

Firearms and crisis situations

Seen like that, with a rather ordinary silhouette, it is hard to imagine that Fabrice spent a good part of his career in the special forces, that he masters firearms and crisis situations: "It is good to be imposing for close protection, some clients ask for it, but in general it is better to be discreet and not to be noticed", he explains. Far, very far from the clichés of the hotheads that abound in the movies, the specialist has reconverted to start his own company that offers a range of services around security. A vast and complex field which is more and more determining for companies.

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Safety at all times


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