Project Respawn

By Audrey SomnardMike Zenari Switch to French for original article

Geeks with an entrepreneurial streak have decided to defy fate to launch their own gaming bar, Respawn, in the heart of Luxembourg City. A slightly crazy project slowed down by the pandemic that federates a small but close community.

They sold out during the first containment. Too many screens, back to real family exchanges, board games have made a real comeback. For some people, games are a real passion, whether they are tabletop or video games. Nicolas Bouscarrat and François Contessi have transformed their passion into a place with a unique concept in the country.

The place is discreetly located on rue du Fort Neipperg, a few steps from the central station of Luxembourg City. A game bar with nice geeks is not what one expects in this neighborhood usually populated by outsiders: "I didn't know that this street was 'famous' when I visited the place", laughs Nicolas Bouscarrat, founder and one of the partners of the Respawn adventure that officially opened three months ago. The bearded geek, who welcomes us in his work clothes, t-shirt and sneakers, is inexhaustible when it comes to talking about the gaming world. But how did a passion become a professional business?

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Project Respawn


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