The ones with the red heart

By Pascal SteinwachsMisch Pautsch Switch to German for original article

The European elections are just around the corner. A good opportunity to talk to the candidates of the participating parties. We have already spoken to the Greens. We continue with the LSAP.

When we arrive at the LSAP parliamentary group, Marc Angel is already there. The MEP and lead candidate for his party is in a great mood and offers us a coffee. Shortly afterwards, his two fellow campaigners Liz Braz and Danielle Filbig also arrive at the parliamentary group offices. On this day – our meeting is taking place during a Chamber week with no meetings – there is surprisingly little going on so close to the election. The official kick-off of the European election campaign would not take place until a few days later.

Before the actual talks, however, there is a photo session with the three European candidates, which we organise as part of a spontaneous tour of the old town and the Corniche, where Marc Angel, who is not only a politician but also President of the Luxembourg City Tourist Board, gets the opportunity to show off his talents as a tourist guide.

While the nomination of the current LSAP representative in the European Parliament, who was even elected as one of the 14 Vice-Presidents of the European Parliament in January last year to replace Eva Kaili, who was arrested on suspicion of corruption, was a foregone conclusion, the nomination of Danielle Filbig as Marc Angel's co-leading candidate came as something of a surprise.

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