Midwives as the key to preventive healthcare

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Last year, Anna-Cristina Alborino took over the position of President of the Luxembourg Association of Midwives (ALSF). She succeeds Nadine Barthel, who spent eight years campaigning for improved recognition of the profession. In the run-up to International Day of Midwives on 5 May, we spoke to her about the achievements and challenges in midwifery.

Lëtzebuerger Journal: In September 2023, you took over the position of President of the Association Luxembourgeoise des Sages-femmes (ALSF) from Nadine Barthel. How did this come about and what did she pass on to you?

Anna-Cristina Alborino: Exactly, the fact that I took over the position was completely unexpected. During a board meeting, it became clear that we needed a replacement for Nadine Barthel – and then I volunteered.

She gave me a lot of advice. She is still active in the background, always helps me and sometimes still goes to events. I can turn to her and ask her if something is not quite clear. The handover worked really well and because I've been on the Board for a long time, it wasn't that difficult for me. I know the projects, the topics and the working groups.

I'm less comfortable in the limelight, but Nadine assured me that you get into a routine and grow into it – and we decided as a Board to divide up the public relations work a little. After all, we all do it voluntarily and in our free time.

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