The Master of Metal

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Distorted voices, fast drums and guitars that sound anything but "clean": That is Maxim Losch's world. The sound engineer has specialised in mixing and editing metal music. He shows that things can be done differently. Without a school degree, the 26-year-old managed to become the head of an entire university department and now dares to take the step into self-employment.

"Sometime when I was nine or ten, my father had a System of a Down CD playing in the car. He introduced me to heavier music", Maxim Losch recalls. At 26, the man from Rumelange is the proud owner of a brand-new recording studio that has set itself the task of giving metal songs the right sound. However, it was not a foregone conclusion that Maxim would one day settle down in his hometown to work here as a self-employed person. The 26-year-old's career is anything but ordinary – by Luxembourg standards.

"I dropped out of school at the 2ème because I didn't fit in and I wasn't happy there anymore", Maxim explains. He can't do anything he doesn't stand behind one hundred per cent, and the school system in the Grand Duchy just wasn't for him, says the sound engineer. "Whether the school failed me or I failed the school, I can't say. In any case, at that time I was looking for a way to break out and finally do what I love."

From school dropout to sound engineer

Maxim had already started playing drums and cajón as a young boy and quickly discovered his passion for everything percussive. "My entire circle of friends consisted of musicians at some point, and it was also thanks to a good friend that I studied sound engineering." As a school dropout without A-levels, most university doors were firmly closed to Maxim, but at the SAE Institute Cologne he found a technical college that offered young people like him the opportunity to study even without a degree.

"I hadn't given much thought to where the journey was going. I only knew that I wanted to go further", Maxim says. At that time, his future was still a big question mark for the young musician, but he knew how to take it on. So in April 2015, he started his training as a sound technician – a profession he had already gotten to know a little bit before that. "When I was 16, I did an internship at the DNR radio station, I played several instruments and even knew how to hold a microphone in my hand. But I didn't really realise that the field was really strong until I was in Cologne."

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The Master of Metal


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