Loud and proud?

By Jang KapgenLex Kleren

To be visible can have a lot of different meanings to different people – specifically within the LGBTI+ community. While queer Luxembourgers have diverse political demands, visibility has been argued to be a key step towards equality. Lëtzebuerger Journal talked to different people within the Luxembourgish queer community to understand what still needs to happen.

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The first week of July marks the beginning of Pride Week in Luxembourg. The local queer community and its allies are offered a variety of events to celebrate queer culture and to protest against all forms of discrimination. From July 1 until 9, Rosa Lëtzebuerg and its partners organise panel talks, exhibitions, movie nights and an "Equality March". Pride is often claimed to be the event which offers the most visibility for the queer community, their joys and their struggles. As an intersex, non-binary and queer person, Robin is assured that "visibility in Luxembourg only exists very punctually and only for very specific people, mostly white cis gay men with a specific social status. I always like to call them champagne gays. Nothing against them, but we also are part of the community".

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