"If I ever drink again, I will die"

By Misch Pautsch Switch to German for original article

It is the favourite drug of Luxembourgers: Alcohol. But the line between "much" and "too much" is blurred and the path to alcoholism is a one-way street. Because there is no such thing as an ex-alcoholic. There are only those who make the decision day after day to stay sober. We spoke to a dry alcoholic to break down stereotypes.

Alcohol is not a normal intoxicant: omnipresent, socially accepted, often even encouraged, cheap, accessible. Those who don't drink are often still the exception. Excesses are smiled at, if not actively celebrated. But what happens when it gets too much? Contrary to the cliché, most alcoholics do not stagger through the streets slurring their words, but are able to integrate their illness into their everyday lives for a long time.

If you are surrounded by people who "come down with a glass of red wine" every evening or treat themselves to a beer or two during their lunch break, your own consumption is less noticeable. And in Luxembourg, it is exceptionally easy to blend in with the drinking crowd, because we drink a lot – a huge lot: on average, every person over the age of 15 in the Grand Duchy drinks the equivalent of 2.6 bottles of wine or 5 litres of beer per week.

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