I will (not) get the shot

By Sarah RaparoliLex Kleren Switch to German for original article

The discussion about the efficiency of vaccination in Luxembourg continues. Too slow, too little. It will probably take some time before everyone has had their turn - if citizens are willing to be vaccinated. In Luxembourg, compulsory vaccination is off the table for the time being and the decision is left up to each person. The Lëtzebuerger Journal interviewed two people in this regard; one wants to get the shot, the other one does not. A psychologist explains how the willingness to be vaccinated can be influenced.

The young woman smiles a little tiredly and one cannot help but mentally reply: “Yes, me too”. The last few months have been unknown territory for everyone, one that will probably last for some time to come. Morena Luisi too, is aware of this. “I respect the rules and I like to stick to them. But I also think that enough is enough”, she says, grinning and with a serious look on her face at the same time. No one can say that the crisis has simply passed them by, no matter to what extent everyone has been, is and will continue to be affected.

Luisi works in the communications and video industry. Her field of work was strongly affected by the restrictive measures. She admits that in her private life, things “also got unusual”. The 31-year-old did not have to think twice about whether to get vaccinated or not. “Last April, I lost my mother – in the middle of the first wave of corona”. What was she missing in processing this loss? “Everything”. Indeed, her family, friends and others around her supported her but not in the way she would have needed them in the situation. Unfortunately, far too many people had to experience events like this over the past few months.

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I will (not) get the shot


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