Help with the totally normal parental chaos

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Becoming a parent is probably one of the biggest responsibilities. The pressure to get everything right is enormous. We spoke to three representatives of "Eltereschoul" - all mums themselves - about parent burnout, perfectionism and overwhelming decisions.

With the first child come many questions and little sleep: How can I do everything right? How many more times do I have to get up tonight? Which childcare institutions are interesting for my child and which are not? And am I doing something wrong if I don't send my child to "crèche"? What does "normal" development actually look like, if there is such a thing at al? And why does it all look so much easier for other parents? And when, for heaven's sake, can I finally sleep in again?

Prospective or new parents can discuss these and all other questions in groups at the "Eltereschoul" (parental school) – with other parents or Fondation Kannerschlass staff. We spend almost three hours talking to three of them about the many challenges of being a parent in the "Parents' Café" between toy children's carriages and colourful tables. Jeannine Schumann is the head of the "Eltereschoul", which is primarily a preventative contact point to prepare for the many challenges of parenthood: "We are here to listen without judgement. Just talking about any problems and realising that you are not alone with your insecurities can be very reassuring, " says the mother of a "now fortunately grown-up child" with a laugh.

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