A hair cut for solidarity

By Audrey SomnardLex Kleren Switch to French for original article

Hairdressing salons in Luxembourg have joined forces with associations to collect our hair and give cancer patients access to affordable wigs. A simple gesture that makes sense.

Donations can be made in many ways. You can give money, time, blood… Or even your hair. From 25 cm length, specialized associations collect kilos of hair from hairdressers or individuals to help sick people gain dignity. An easy action, but not necessarily known by the general public, yet it is a simple donation to make and does not take time, except that of letting your hair grow long enough.

The action started four years ago in the 13 salons of the Ferber Group. The group partnered with the Think Pink association in Belgium, which is committed to breast cancer research. It's a cause that is close to the heart of Laura Ferber, the group's co-manager: "A girl in the office was affected this year, another employee last year, cancer is something that can affect us all, so it's a way of showing solidarity in our own way.

Two kilos of hair per month

Ferber collects about two kilos of hair each month and sends it to Think Pink every quarter or so. "We collect the hair for free, in the form of a braid of at least 25 cm, and then we take care of the shipping costs. It's for a good cause", says Laura Ferber. If many young girls are currently coming and going to the hairdresser, for the group it is also a way to encourage them to get their hair cut. And then the employees spontaneously suggest it when the cut length is sufficient.

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A hair cut for solidarity


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