In freedom and dignity

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"Human dignity is inviolable." Not just a sentence that everyone knows, but a fundamental right that should be respected even in the last stages of life. The 2009 law on euthanasia and assisted suicide in Luxembourg aims to ensure this. A review.

The term euthanasia has its origins in Greek and means "the beautiful death". Adjective and noun that could not be more opposite. Fear, grief and awe are associated with death; few people want to die. In situations of serious illness, however, death symbolises the immediate desire to be released from pain and to find peace, in dignity and self-determination. The right to euthanasia or assisted suicide is intended to make this "beautiful" death possible if the fatigue of life ultimately prevails.

This decision was made on average about seven times a year in the Grand Duchy until 2018, Lotty Prussen, President of the National Control and Assessment Committee told the Lëtzebuerger Journal. In the next few weeks, the "Chamber" is expected to receive the report for 2019/2020 (here the report from 2017/2018) from the Control Commission. "Initially it was feared that a kind of euthanasia tourism would develop in Luxembourg, " Prussen says of the introduction at the time, "this has not been confirmed at all." Along with Holland and Belgium, Luxembourg is one of the only EU countries in which active euthanasia such as assisted suicide are permitted by law.

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In freedom and dignity


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