First steps in mechanics

By Audrey SomnardLex Kleren Switch to French for original article

Is the DIY gene a myth? At the Centre national de formation professionnelle continue (CNFPC), evening classes are given to women who want to better understand the basics of mechanics. We attended one of these courses.

It is hot in the mechanical workshop of the CNFPC in Esch-sur-Alzette at the end of June, but the trainees are motivated. Four women, four different ages and backgrounds, but all of them are keen to learn and not find themselves clueless when their car breaks down or in front of their mechanic. They have been taking the "Mécanique – bricolage pour femmes (Mechanics – DIY for Women)" evening classes for a few weeks now. About thirty hours to better understand, identify and sometimes solve mechanical problems.

"As soon as a light comes on on the dashboard, I panic", explains Anna, who is taking the course with her daughter Jessika. The mother admits that she knew absolutely nothing about mechanics before coming to the CNFPC workshop on Tuesday evenings, but she has come to understand things better. "My engine light came on, so I went to the mechanic right away. But they kept making me come back three or four times, and of course my car's warranty was up. When I received the bill, which was huge, I complained, but as a result I only paid half! I don't trust mechanics anymore, so with this course I understand better what's going on", she continues.

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