Error 404: ADHD diagnosis in adults

By Françoise StollLex KlerenLaurent Sturm Switch to German for original article

While many dismiss ADHD as a social media trend, the few contact centres in Luxembourg are overwhelmed by enquiries. Yet there are just as many adults with ADHD in Luxembourg as anywhere else. So far, there is a lack of structures to support those who may be affected. The path to diagnosis takes years.

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On a changeable spring day, Mireille Scheid makes herself comfortable in a café on the Limpertsberg. While sunshine follows rain showers outside, the 37-year-old cheerfully begins to tell her story. Talking publicly about her ADHD diagnosis doesn't bother her, on the contrary. Mireille recently started talking about her dysregulation on her Instagram account. It's her way of fighting the stigma of ADHD and mental illness. The new content has met with a mixed reception from her followers: Some unfollow the channel, while many more write her private messages. She seems to have hit a nerve with her videos about ADHD. Many who see the reels recognise themselves in them and ask themselves: Do I have ADHD too?

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