Editorial - The eternal game

By Pascal Steinwachs Switch to German for original article

The tradition of an annual State of the Nation address was introduced half a century ago by the then DP Prime Minister Gaston Thorn and has been considered one of the political highlights of the year ever since. This week was Luc Frieden's first speech of this kind.

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Luc Frieden is on a roll. First, a Luc Frieden (!) square is inaugurated on Sunday afternoon in his home municipality Contern with much fanfare and even more free beer. A few hours later, he and his party managed to win back first place from the DP in the European elections, and on Tuesday, he was able to address the nation for the first time in his capacity as head of government with a speech on the state of the nation.

He named his maiden speech with his customary modesty "Einfach. Besser. Modern" (Simple. Better. Modern), which somehow reminds us of the Harder, better, faster, stronger of French house legends Daft Punk.

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