Dish the dirt!

By Jesse DhurLex Kleren

Gossip is something most of us condemn. Engaging with it, however, holds a potential for social bonding and personal growth. For this second part, Lëtzebuerger Journal delved into the ambivalent realities of gossip and chitchatted with a podcaster, a former mobbing "victim", and a rapper.

It is seen as malicious, toxic, and largely reprehensible, and yet everyone does it: gossiping. Indeed, talking about others in their absence is on the menu of most of our conversations. While few recognise the pro-social potential of tittle-tattling, researchers argue that it has evolved as an effective tool for our human need for bonding and cooperation. A practice so intricately linked to our species' survival, gossip affects nearly all of us, for better or worse.

"Gossiping is essential for our society to thrive. It helps us to connect with others and ensures that we don't always just talk about ourselves. If we didn't talk about others, what would we talk about? How self-centred would our society be?, " says Cecilia Said Vieira jokingly. The 25-year-old, also known as Ceci, has made the art of casual conversation the centrepiece of her engagements. Working as a freelancer in various cultural and political fields, and excelling in social media and content creation, audio podcasting has become her go-to medium to address the issues and stories that matter to people in Luxembourg and beyond. The project which she established herself with in the local podcast scene was "Ceci, Do You Love Me?"

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