Amuse Bouche, a new taste of C’est Karma

By Jang KapgenPit Reding

C’est Karma is a powerhouse in the Luxembourgish music industry, bringing new sounds and artistic directions to the local art scene. Lëtzebuerger Journal invited the young singer and songwriter to talk about her creative process, artistic activism and why promoters should listen to her new songs before booking her.

C’est Karma has become a household name within the Luxembourgish music scene. Starting out with folk and indie music, the artist has now dived into the world of electro-pop with her newest EP Amuse Bouche. A variety of unusual and surprising electro sounds take the listener through a "culinary" listening experience. Her EP, with songs like Bubblegum, Bread and Coffee, approach different topics dear to Karma’s heart – climate change, adulthood, capitalism and cinema.

Throughout Amuse Bouche, C’est Karma confronts her listeners on many levels. The song above is from the EP and is titled Gateaux. Lyrics, such as "Bonjour les enfants du passé brûlé ; Vos mains sont des cendriers […]; C’est nous les criminels ; qui vous privent des chocolats chauds" [trans. "Hello, children of the burned past ; Your hands are ashtrays […]; We are the criminals; who deprive you of your hot chocolates"], invite listeners to reflect about their role and responsibilities in relation to climate change. This activist stance can be seen throughout her work.

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