An actress's insight into diversity, denial, and advocacy in cinema

By Natalia PiknaLex Kleren

Following up on our article on representation on screen, the actress Céline Camara tells us more about her take on life behind the scenes, key ingredients for change, and advice to young actors.

Lëtzebuerger Journal: To what extent did your identity play a role in how you perceive yourself in the world?

Céline Camara: I see myself as having a hybrid identity, I was born and raised in France, and my family is from Africa. I was raised with two principles; firstly, that as a black person, I will have to work harder. The first time I went to school, my mom said to me 'You will have to work twice as hard and, also, don’t blame everything on racism.' So I was really conditioned to inequality, to work harder, and that is an idea I have completely assimilated into my mind. On the other hand, there is this idea that you need to be tough. This caused me to form a shield around myself and also a certain level of denial around certain issues at first.

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