Wiltz children trying to reach new voters

By Sarah RaparoliMisch Pautsch Switch to German for original article

Too young for politics? No way! Two classes from the Reenert elementary school in Wiltz are launching an awareness-raising campaign to draw attention to the new voting provision for foreigners in the upcoming municipal elections on June 11. The Lëtzebuerger Journal visited them in the middle of working on their project.

March 7, a Tuesday morning, 9.00 am, Lycée du Nord in Wiltz. After a one-hour journey from the centre of the country, we are greeted in front of the building by a teacher beaming from ear to ear, but at the same time seemingly a little nervous. "Come in, the children are already waiting for you, " we are told. Lou Majerus leads us to the first floor of the building and we enter a kind of computer room – several computer screens stand side by side on a table, jackets hang over the chairs, school bags are on the floor. Our gaze wanders on to a glass box. Several children's eyes are suddenly on us – "there they are, " "oh, my God" or "now it's about to start" can be heard in the confusion. Everyone sits around several tables arranged in a rectangle. A microphone hangs on a pole in front of each child, a sign on the ceiling that says "On Air" suddenly catches our eye and we realise: this is not just any room with lots of glass walls, this is a radio studio. We have not burst into a regular school lesson, nor are we visiting youngsters from the Lyceum – this is something very special, especially for the smallest ones in the room.

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